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Wild x Wild 2017

Communities, Cameras, and Conservation (CCC)

From our region's top predator, the mountain lion, down to the black footed ferret,
the Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy is dedicated to protecting wildlife in the Rocky Mountains
​through scientific research, community projects, and education initiatives.

​​​​​Our CCC Program is an opportunity for volunteers and students of all ages to gain field experience while helping to capture important data from RMCC's remote sensor camera traps. New!  RMCC has teamed up to bring CCC to the entire Poudre School District! Learn more

​​​Mountain Lion Field Seminars

Wildlife conservation, from the top down

Wildlife conservation, from the top down

Join RMCC biologists Dr. Don Hunter and Caroline Krumm for a hands-on field seminar learning about the ecology of Colorado's top predator, Puma concolor.

 ​Wild x Wild -- an exciting photography exhibition of wildlife "selfies" captured from cameras all over Colorado.  

Join us at the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery​ on August 31st, 2017 at 6:30 pm. We will also have a presentation by Dr. Steve Berwick on Asiatic lions.

​Two cats, two great time!